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Welcome to RCF Distributors

In 1996 RCF Distributors, LLC. was founded by Roberto Crespo Fitch.

We are a family-owned, international, distributing company that specializes in the importation of fruits and vegetables from Mexico to the U.S. and providing the best quality, especially in mangoes and chili peppers.

RFC Distributors was originally established in Nogales, AZ with the aspiration to import Mexican fruits and vegetables throughout the U.S. market. Don Roberto later saw an opportunity to open another shipping office, and in the year 2000 RCF opened one in McAllen, TX. Our San Diego office was opened in March 2013. As RCF expanded so did our business, with doors opening throughout the U.S with our delicious produce coming from Mexico. Our labels, such as RCF, Crespos, Golden Angel, Rossin, were established as having superior quality for the U.S and International markets.

RCF Distributors, LLC. originated from Empaque Don Jorge in El Rosario, Sinaloa, as our main packing shed. Empaque Don Jorge has established itself as a superior quality grower and packer, growing and packing only the highest quality of fruits and vegetables for the U.S market. Empaque Don Jorge has come to be recognized as a prestige grower, domestically and internationally, for their mangoes and chili peppers. RCF also has various growers throughout Mexico that send us a variety of different fruits and vegetables, ranging from limes, tomatoes, pineapples, and chayote squash, to avocado and onions. As we continue to assist these growers in the distribution of their products, RCF continues to excel in the quality we distribute.
As RCF continues to grow with their shipping of the highest quality produce, RCF will continue to find ways to improve in our produce quality to meet and or exceed your expectations for produce.